Performance in St.-Stephans-Basilica on July 10th, 2016..

The Knabenchor Hösel

The Knabenchor Hösel is a choir comprising students from grade 3 to 13. Its foremost task is to perform during church services at the Adolf-Clarenbach-Kirche, Ratingen-Hösel. The choir sings music from all periods. Main artistic emphasis is placed on regular performance of works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart throughout the church year, as well as on presentation of choir and organ literature.

Radio appearances, CD productions, choir concerts, and concert trips through Germany, Europe and North America bear witness to the diverse activities of the choir. The choir’s performances in the Sistine Chapel and in St. Peter (Rome), St. Patrick’s Cathedral (New York), Notre-Dame (Paris), in St. Paul’s Cathedral (London) and in the German Reichstag (Berlin) always received a positive response and were greatly appreciated. The choir has won prizes at numerous national and international competitions.

You can get an impression of the living work of the choir boys and their travels through Germany Europe and North America in the Photo gallery.

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next performance

Sun., June 5th, 10 AM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Edwin Pröm
Servant: Minister Michael Lavista


Summer Concert with Quartet "Keychord"
Sat., June 25th, 5 PM

Conductor: Toralf Hildebrandt
Organ: Pro. Jürgen Kursawa



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