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【取寄】52-1255 18" X 2.15 フロント OR リア ホイール EL 1936-1940UL 1937-1940WL 1936-1940 Rear only:GUTS CHROME - 6911b

カテゴリトップ>V-TWIN取寄>足周り タイヤ・ホイール
【取寄】52-1255 18" X 2.15 フロント OR リア ホイール EL 1936-1940UL 1937-1940WL 1936-1940 Rear only【ご注意くださ い】
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Front or rear 18" x 2.15" wheel includes a black リム and hub with stainless steel spokes. This wheel includes the original step design hub for an accurate replica! *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs.
EL 1936-1940UL 1937-1940WL 1936-1940 Rear only



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